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Meet Figensoft's two-way SMS service, which allows users to communicate interactively. With permissioned marketing and communication permission, we offer customers the opportunity to conduct surveys, manage electronic permissions and campaign participation processes. You can call us immediately to get a quote or for detailed information. !


What is Two Way SMS?

Two-way SMS is an important communication tool that allows businesses and organizations to interact with their customers today. This communication method not only sends information to customers, but also allows customers to respond. In this way, businesses can communicate directly with their customers and reach them. They can respond to their needs more quickly and effectively.

This method, also called interactive SMS or interactive communication, allows businesses to interact directly with their customers. Customers can give feedback or make certain requests by responding to sent messages. In this way, businesses increase customer satisfaction while also increasing customer loyalty. Two-way communication can be used in many different sectors and business areas. In the retail industry, it can be used to inform customers about discounts or conduct surveys. In the healthcare industry, it can be used to give patients appointment reminders or information about the treatment process. In the education sector, it can be used to provide students with It is an ideal communication tool to provide information about course schedules or make exam announcements.

With its wide range of uses, the two-way communication method is extremely important for businesses to interact with their customers and respond to their demands quickly and effectively. Therefore, businesses should actively use two-way communication strategies to gain competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction. They should use it accordingly.

Why Should We Use Figensoft Two-Way SMS?

Figensoft two-way SMS service stands out as an effective communication tool for businesses. This service offers businesses the opportunity to directly interact with their customers and receive feedback. Unlike traditional one-way communication, two-way SMS allows customers to respond to messages and thus allows interaction. One of the biggest advantages of two-way SMS is that it provides interactive communication with customers. When businesses receive responses to the messages they send to customers, they can respond to customer requests quickly and effectively. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, this also increases customer loyalty. also strengthens it.

In addition, with the two-way SMS service, businesses can organize surveys. They can collect feedback from customers by asking them questions about certain topics and use this feedback to improve their business strategies. Surveys are an effective method to get customers' opinions and better understand their expectations Receiving important information from your customers, such as the right of refusal as required by ETK, is also possible with Figensoft two-way SMS. Businesses can inform customers about legal requirements, such as the right of rejection, through the messages they send to them, and obtain the necessary approvals from customers. This enables businesses to act in accordance with legal requirements. Meeting electronic leave requests is another benefit of the two-way SMS service: Customers can submit leave requests via SMS and businesses can quickly process these requests, allowing businesses to keep customer data up to date and comply with legal requirements. Managing the campaign participation process is also one of the advantages of two-way SMS. Businesses can inform customers about campaigns and direct customers' participation in campaigns via SMS. This increases the effectiveness of campaigns and makes it easier for customers to participate in campaigns.

Figensoft two-way SMS can also be used to update customer information. Businesses can send information update requests to customers, and customers can respond to these requests and update their information. This allows businesses to keep customer data accurate and up-to-date. Finally, public and local governments. They can receive wishes, complaints and requests from citizens using the two-way SMS service. In this way, citizens can be contacted directly and their requests can be processed more quickly. This ensures that public services are provided more effectively.


Learn the Advantages of Figensoft Two-Way SMS Service

Figensoft two-way SMS service is a solution that offers businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers and strengthen their communication strategies. Unlike traditional communication methods, with two-way SMS, businesses can receive feedback from customers while sending direct messages to their customers. In this way, Businesses can increase customer satisfaction, improve their marketing strategies and strengthen brand loyalty. One of the advantages of Figensoft two-way SMS is the opportunity to communicate with the customer. When businesses receive responses to the messages they send to customers, they can respond directly to customer demands. In this way, customer satisfaction increases and customer loyalty is strengthened. In addition, it becomes possible for businesses to interact with their customers, understand their needs and meet their expectations. Instant reporting feature is another advantage of Figensoft two-way SMS. Businesses can instantly track the performance of the SMS they send and organize their campaigns based on this data. They can optimize accordingly. Thus, communication strategies can be managed more effectively and success can be measured.


What are the Usage Areas of Figensoft Two-Way SMS?

Figensoft Two-Way SMS offers a wide range of communication tools to businesses and organizations by being used in various areas. The usage areas of this service are quite diverse and can be shaped according to the needs and goals of businesses. Here are some of the areas where Figensoft Two-Way SMS is widely used: ,

  • Updating information is another area where Figensoft Two-Way SMS is widely used. For example, when an organization wants its customers to update their contact information, it can request the update to customers via two-way SMS and receive that information quickly and effectively.
  • RSVP, mobile inquiry, and mobile requests are also some of the uses for Figensoft Two-Way SMS. Businesses can use two-way SMS to collect and verify potential customers' information. Customers can request information by sending a specific keyword as a message or They can access the information they want via mobile query.

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Does Using Interactive SMS Help Increase Customer Loyalty?

Yes, thanks to fast response and reporting features, customer satisfaction increases and data analysis can be done.

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