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Use Your Resources Efficiently with Figensoft Right of Refusal Service

Right of Refusal Service is a service that allows recipients who do not want to receive SMS to use their right to terminate SMS communications easily and free of charge, in accordance with the 2nd paragraph of Article 8 of the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce of companies sending commercial SMS. Figensoft Right of Rejection Service is within this scope. It allows users to manage their resources more efficiently. You can now avoid receiving unwanted SMS and wasting time on unnecessary communications. You can stop unwanted communications and use your communication resources more effectively by making a rejection notification with Figensoft Right of Rejection Service.


What is Figensoft Right of Refusal Service?

Figensoft Right of Refusal Service is an effective solution that allows users to exercise their right to block unwanted SMS communications and make a rejection notification. This service meets an important need today, with the rapidly increasing communication volume and the spread of unwanted messages. In addition to traditional marketing methods, digital However, these digital communication channels can sometimes be disturbing for users. Unwanted SMS may violate personal privacy and disturb users. This is where Figensoft Right of Refusal Service comes into play.

This service allows users to block unwanted SMS and reject senders by using the right of rejection. In this way, users are prevented from receiving unwanted messages and can manage their communications in a more controlled manner.

Using the service is important not only for users, but also for companies and brands. Unsolicited communications can negatively impact brand reputation and have the potential to damage users' relationship with the company. Thanks to Figensoft Right of Refusal Service, companies can prevent such problems and increase user satisfaction. Figensoft SMS cancellation helps both individuals and businesses manage their communication strategies more effectively and contributes to creating a healthier environment in digital communication.

Why Should Figensoft Right of Refusal Service Be Used?

Figensoft Right of Rejection Service provides users with legal protection against unwanted communications. The communication legislation in Turkey has set clear rules on the protection of personal data and blocking unwanted communications. At the forefront of these regulations is the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK). KVKK It aims to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal data. Therefore, it is emphasized that users' personal data should be protected from unwanted communications. Moreover, the Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and relevant regulations contain clear rules on this issue and that commercial electronic communications should not be sent without the consent of the users. and ensures that users have the right to reject unwanted communications. Figensoft Right of Rejection Service works in accordance with these legal regulations and thus reduces the risk of encountering legal problems. In this way, companies and brands can create a reliable communication environment while protecting the privacy of users.


How to Use Figensoft Right of Refusal Service?

Figensoft SMS gives users important control over canceling, protecting personal privacy and determining communication preferences. The service is very easy to use. As a first step, you can review and purchase the appropriate right of refusal packages at www.rethakki.com. Purchasing process It is important not to overlook the points to be considered during the purchase process. The contract is signed before the purchase, and then the purchasing process begins. Afterwards, the user can log in to the portal and follow the steps to prevent unwanted communications. You can perform transactions.

Figensoft Right of Refusal Service Advantages

Figensoft Right of Refusal Service makes it easier for users to manage their communication preferences by offering a number of important advantages. These advantages include:

  • No Need for Own Short Number Service: Figensoft Right of Refusal Service offers users the opportunity to purchase the rejection package they want via keyword, without having to set up their own short number service. In this way, users can benefit from the right of refusal service quickly and easily.
  • Multiple Keyword Possibility: Users can benefit from the same rejection package for all their brands by purchasing more than one keyword. People who use the right of rejection when sending Commercial SMS are ensured to be included in the rejection list for all brands, thus preventing the sending of Commercial SMS for all brands.
  • Integration Options: Figensoft Right of Rejection Service has integration options such as Rejection API and Callback API. In this way, you can easily integrate with relevant systems and combine the right of refusal service with your existing systems.
  • Easy Purchasing Opportunity: The service can be easily purchased with a credit card. In this way, users can quickly access the right of refusal service and purchase the package they want.
  • Detailed Reporting: Figensoft Right of Refusal Service can forward reports via e-mail to designated people on a daily basis. In addition, access can be provided to people exercising the right of refusal through the relevant portal. This detailed reporting opportunity allows users to better track and manage the use of the right of refusal .

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SMS Reject mean?

SMS Rejection is the process of users rejecting unwanted commercial SMS communications. With this service, users can prevent receiving unwanted advertising or promotional messages.

How do I rent the short number for the right of refusal service?
What are the situations that do not require approval for communication permission within the scope of ETK?
Which operators support the right of refusal service?

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