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Easily forward your emails to your customers with Figensoft Bulk Mail service!

Bulk Mail service offered by Figensoft allows businesses to easily reach their customers or potential customers. It makes bulk e-mail sending more efficient and effective with its advanced tools and user-friendly interface.

Anti-spam bulk e-mail sending
Bulk emails sent from certified IPs reach your customers without any problems.
Exceptional technical support
Get answers to your technical support and consultancy requests in a very short time.
Easy mailing design
Create impressive email content with the Drag and Drop newsletter design editor.

What is Bulk Mail?

Figensoft bulk mailing service is a communication method used by businesses to deliver their products or services to a wide audience at the same time. This method is a marketing strategy carried out via e-mail and is generally preferred in situations requiring large-scale communication.

Bulk email sending is an important part of businesses' email marketing strategies. When implemented correctly, this strategy offers businesses the opportunity to reach a wide audience and communicate with customers more personally and effectively. Figensoft's Bulk Mail service allows businesses to successfully implement this strategy and strengthen their communications.

Bulk e-mail sending enables businesses to provide e-mail communication to the target audience they have determined for promotion, announcement, promotion or other informational purposes. This way, businesses can quickly and effectively promote their products or services to potential customers or existing customers.

Figensoft Bulk Mail service facilitates and optimizes sending bulk emails to businesses. Thanks to the features offered by Figensoft, the bulk e-mail sending process becomes more efficient and better results are achieved.

Why Figensoft Bulk Mail?

Bulk e-mail solutions offered by Figensof strengthen the marketing activities of businesses and help them create effective communication strategies. These solutions enable effective execution of promotional, informational and marketing campaigns by providing access to large audiences. In addition to providing customers with special and interesting experiences with personalization options, it also saves time and resources. While the effectiveness of campaigns is evaluated with monitoring and analysis tools, it offers more customized content to the target audience thanks to its segmentation feature.

Figensoft Bulk Mail sending offers a number of advantages for businesses to strengthen their digital marketing strategies. Here are some advantages of Figensoft's bulk mailing service:


Protecting Brand Identity

Figensoft Bulk Mail service allows businesses to use their own e-mail addresses as the company sender name in e-mail sending. In this way, businesses can send while preserving their brand identity.


Various Content Design Options

Figensoft offers users the opportunity to design both HTML and visual content. In this way, businesses can create more attractive and effective content in their posts.


Spam Analysis Ability

Figensoft's Bulk Mail service ensures that the sent content reaches the recipients without being caught in spam filters. Thanks to the spam analysis feature, businesses' messages are better included in recipients' inboxes.


Detailed Reporting

Figensoft offers users detailed reporting. These reports provide valuable data to track the impact and performance of submissions. It also helps businesses manage their campaigns more efficiently.


Compliance with Legal Legislation

Figensoft's Bulk Mail service operates in accordance with legal regulations. In this way, businesses are ensured to meet legal requirements when sending e-mails and possible criminal situations are prevented.


User Friendly Interface

Figensoft's user-friendly interface allows businesses to easily send bulk e-mails. With step-by-step guidance and simple usage, users can complete the submission process without any problems.


How to Make a Bulk Mail Campaign?

Figensoft's bulk mailing service is an important tool that allows businesses to effectively reach large audiences. Thanks to this service, it is very easy to create and manage mass e-mail campaigns.

Here are the steps to create a bulk e-mail campaign with the service provided by Figensoft:


Click on Send/Create Email Button

The first step to create a bulk email campaign is to log in to the email marketing platform to be used and click on the 'Send Email' or similar button. This button is usually clearly marked in the user interface and will initiate the process of creating a new campaign.

Add Content Prepared in HTML

Campaign content is prepared in HTML format and uploaded to the e-mail marketing platform. This content should include texts, images and links that can effectively convey the brand's message. HTML format is used to create more visually appealing and impressive emails.

Enter the Email Subject

Creating the title of the email campaign is important because it is used to catch the attention of the recipients and create curiosity about the content. Choosing a short, concise, interesting and original topic can increase the opening rate of the campaign.

Add Receiver List

The receiver list is added to create the target audience of the bulk mailing campaign. This list could be for potential customers, existing customers, or a specific demographic segment. The receiver list must be created correctly and kept up to date.

Choose a Send Time and Send

In the last step, the sending time of the e-mail campaign is determined and the sending process is carried out. The sending time should be chosen carefully to ensure that the campaign achieves maximum impact. Generally, hours when the target audience of the business is most active are preferred.

Bulk Mail Usage Areas / Scenarios

Bulk mail solutions provided by Figensoft facilitate marketing, customer relationship management and information activities for businesses, while offering the flexibility to be used in various scenarios.

  • New products and services can be introduced for marketing activities.
  • Discounts, special offers and sales campaigns can be announced via mass e-mail.
  • Customer satisfaction can be increased and relationships strengthened.
  • Invitations can be sent for business meetings, seminars and events.
  • Industry news and updates are shared through e-newsletters.
  • Reservation information, order confirmations and invoice information are sent via bulk e-mail.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and feedback collection can be carried out.

These various usage areas offered by Figensoft bulk mailing strengthen the communication strategies of businesses and enable them to successfully interact with their target audiences.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to send bulk e-mail?

Bulk Email sending is usually done through an Email service or software. These services offer the opportunity to send informative and advertising e-mails to large audiences with a prepared image or text. You can request a test account to test mail sending.

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Can I control my customers who do not want to receive emails?
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