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Permissioned Database Management Service is a critical tool that ensures secure and authorized management of data, which is one of the most valuable assets of businesses today. Thanks to this tool, businesses can securely store, process and use the data they collect from their customers. Figensoft Permissioned Database Management Service offers businesses a powerful solution for database management and can be used effectively in various areas such as database-based marketing.

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What is a Permissioned Data Management Service?

Permissioned Data Management Service is a process that enables businesses to securely manage the data they collect and regulate communication permissions. In this process, businesses store the data they collect from different channels in a central database and authorize users' access to the data.

Permissioned Data Management increases data security of businesses and prevents unauthorized access to data. It also enables businesses to manage their databases in a harmonious manner and automates database management processes.

This process provides many advantages to businesses. Compliance with data security and compliance standards protects businesses' reputation and increases customer trust. Additionally, the permissioned data management process enables businesses to manage their databases more effectively and optimizes business processes.

For businesses that want to receive Permission Data Management services, Figensoft offers fast, reliable and complete solutions to its customers.

Why Figensoft Permissioned Data Management?

Today, the security and privacy of customer data is more important than ever. In this context, the Permissioned Data Management Service offered by Figensoft offers various advantages to businesses. First, Figensoft's permitted data management solutions make it easier for businesses to comply with important legal regulations such as KVKK. This enables businesses to manage their databases in compliance with regulations and helps them avoid potential penalties.

Figensoft's fast, reliable and complete solutions increase businesses' data security and enable them to manage their databases effectively. A central database collects data from different data sources in a single point and facilitates the data analysis processes of businesses. Thus, businesses can use customer data more effectively and optimize business processes.


Permissioned Database Management Service Content


Permissioned Data Reporting

It offers businesses the opportunity to report and analyze authorized data.


Past Leave Inquiry

It allows tracking of data with the retrospective permission data query feature.


Permitted Summary Report

It simplifies data management by creating summary reports on authorized data.


Getting Permitted Data as Excel

It provides easier management by taking the authorized data in Excel format.


Receiving Permitted Data with Web Service

It provides access to authorized data through web services.


Right of Refusal Service

It prevents unauthorized submissions by providing users with the right to reject them.


Electronic Evidence (time stamped)

It creates reliable evidence in legal processes by providing time-stamped electronic evidence containing contact information, date, time and method information.


Possibility of Integration with IYS

It complies with data security and compliance standards by integrating with IYS (Message Management System).


Advantages of Permissioned Database Management Service Management

Figensoft Permitted Database Management Service is a solution that plays an important role in the data security and management of businesses. A number of advantages offered by IVT (Permissioned Database) facilitate database management for businesses, while also increasing customer satisfaction and ensuring compliance with legal regulations.


Data Management with IVT

IVT collects and manages data from different sources in a single central database. This makes businesses' data management more effective and efficient. Additionally, it speeds up data analysis processes by reducing database complexity.


One-Stop Management

IVT (Permissioned Database) provides data management from a single point. In this way, businesses can easily manage different data sources and communication permissions on the same platform. This simplifies database management and increases efficiency.


KVKK Compliance

Businesses can use Figensoft Permitted Database Management Service to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK). İVT complies with the standards required by KVKK by protecting data security and confidentiality.


ETK Compatible

İVT (Permissioned Database) was developed in compliance with the Electronic Commerce Law (ETK). In this way, businesses can carry out their electronic commerce activities safely and comply with the data security standards required by the ETK law.


Omnichannel Permission Management

İVT manages permissions from different communication channels on a single platform. In this way, businesses can communicate with customers through their preferred channel and improve customer experience.


Opt-in & Opt-out Management

IVT allows customers to easily manage communication permissions. Customers can change or revoke their communication permissions at any time. This increases customer satisfaction and unnecessary communication is avoided.


How to Create a Permissioned Database Management Service

Permitted Database Management Service offered by Figensoft offers a powerful solution to facilitate data management of businesses and comply with legal regulations. So, how is a permissioned database management service created and what advantages does it provide to businesses?


Electronic Permission Collection

The first step in creating a Permission Database Management Service is to collect electronic permissions through Figensoft's permission service. Businesses can obtain consent from customers using consent collection forms on their websites, mobile apps or other digital channels. These permissions are automatically recorded in the database and kept accessible when needed.

Integration with API Support

Figensoft Permitted Database Management Service can be integrated with CRM, ERP and other business software with API support. Thanks to this integration, businesses can record the approved contact information of people for whom they have permission, in accordance with the regulations. This information is securely stored in the database and can be reported when necessary.

Recording Physical Permissions

Permissions collected in physical environments can also be easily integrated into Figensoft Permission Database Management Service. Businesses can save physically collected permissions to the system individually or collectively in Excel format.


As Figensoft, We Achieved Firsts

As Figensoft, we have achieved many firsts in the field of Permissioned Database Management.

  • With the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) coming into force at the beginning of 2016, we made our solutions compatible with this law.
  • Today, as Figensoft, we constantly develop innovative solutions to meet the security and privacy needs of our customers and continue to take pioneering steps in this sector.

We started our electronic consent collection practice before the Electronic Commerce Law (ETK) came into force on May 1, 2015.

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