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Fast, safe and effective communication all over the world with Figensoft Global SMS!

Figensoft Global SMS redefines fast, secure and effective communication around the world for you. Designed to meet business-oriented communication needs such as instant communication, campaign announcements and special offers on a global scale, this service allows businesses to easily reach audiences around the world. Thanks to its fast infrastructure, messages are transmitted instantly, while the secure communication infrastructure ensures that information is always protected.

6.000.000 SMS Sent Per Hour
5,54 Billion SMS Sent Per Year
27 Years of Experience
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Why Figensoft Global SMS?

Figensoft Global SMS is an innovative and comprehensive solution that enables businesses to leave their mark in the world of global communication. Figensoft Global SMS, which allows businesses to create fast, secure and effective communication strategies at an international level, stands out with the features it offers for businesses that want to gain a competitive advantage in the global world.

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    Ease of managing global shipping processes from a single channel

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    Possibility to send SMS to more than 200 countries

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    Advantageous prices based on country

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    Possibility of shipping on the same day after the contract

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    Fast technical support

Reach Your Customers Abroad Fast, Safe and Effective!

Global SMS is a comprehensive communications solution that enables businesses to reach customers around the world quickly, securely and effectively. This service, which meets international SMS needs, allows businesses to strengthen their interactions in international markets. Figensoft, which stands out among international SMS companies with its services such as sending bulk SMS abroad and international SMS, offers businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers in a wide geographical scope.

Thanks to this service, businesses that need to send messages abroad can easily open up to international markets and gain instant access to their customers abroad. Fast technical support, which is among the advantages of Figensoft Global SMS, allows users to manage their communication processes uninterruptedly by getting the help they need at any time. With Global SMS, businesses have the opportunity to reach customers abroad quickly and effectively, as well as increase brand awareness and gain a competitive advantage in the global market.


Advantages of Global SMS to Businesses


Fast and Instant Communication

Global SMS ensures instant delivery of messages. This allows businesses to quickly communicate urgent announcements or special offers to customers. Fast communication increases customer satisfaction and provides competitive advantage.


Reaching Large Audiences

Businesses can reach a wide audience around the world by using global SMS. Especially for businesses expanding into international markets, this is an effective way to increase brand awareness and reach new customers.


Personalized Communication

Global SMS allows businesses to send personalized messages to their customers. This strengthens customer relationships and increases customer loyalty. Personalized communication allows customers to form a stronger connection with the brand.


Sending SMS Abroad

For businesses, reaching customers beyond borders and communicating effectively has become a necessity of global competition. Figensoft sending SMS abroad is a solution designed to meet these needs and includes a variety of services that help businesses create a communication network across borders. Services such as alphanumeric header, message content and Unicode allow you to create an effective, fast and personalized communication strategy for your Bulk SMS sending.


Alphanumeric Title

The alphanumeric header allows businesses to highlight their corporate name in Bulk SMS sending. This headline ensures that your messages are immediately recognized by recipients and increases credibility. The alphanumeric SMS feature, which highlights your corporate identity, helps you establish a strong bond with customers.


Message Content

You can freely determine the message content you want and use all language options. This flexibility allows businesses to make special campaigns and announcements for cultural diversity and customers who speak different languages. Delivering personalized messages to customers is the basis of an effective communication strategy, and Figensoft International SMS Sending offers you wide freedom in this regard.



The SMS sending service with Unicode characters helps businesses appeal to their global customer base by supporting different languages ​​and alphabets. This feature gives businesses the flexibility to send messages to customers around the world in a variety of languages, making it easier to communicate effectively internationally.

International SMS Sending Scenarios

Global SMS delivery for business can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, from marketing campaigns to customer service to emergency notifications. This service offers businesses a powerful tool to meet a variety of communication needs and deliver fast, secure and personalized messages to customers. The prominent scenarios among the solutions that Global SMS provides to businesses are:

Verification Code

Verification codes (OTP) play a critical role in security. Global SMS offers a quick communication channel for users to verify their accounts or take security measures. Allowing users to instantly receive verification codes increases your business's digital security and improves user experience.

Advertisement and Campaign Announcement
Special Occasion and Congratulatory Messages
Username and Password Information
Appointment Information
Verificationn code is 000000. Please do not share this code with anyone.

Brands We Provide SMS Sending Abroad


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bulk SMS be sent abroad?

Yes, you can send bulk SMS abroad with Figensoft Global SMS service.

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