Message Management System

Message Management System (MS) is a platform that allows businesses to manage their commercial electronic messages (SMS, e-mail, phone calls) effectively and legally. You can easily track customer permissions, edit messages, and comply with legal requirements. For details, you can click on the buttons below and contact us.


What is Message Management System?

Message Management System (IMS) allows businesses to manage their commercial electronic messages (e-mail, SMS, phone calls, etc.) to customers. The main purpose of IYS is to organize the communication processes of businesses and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Message Management System protects the rights of both businesses and consumers by ensuring effective management of commercial electronic messages.

The IYS system collects and manages customer contact information and permissions of businesses in a central location. It ensures that commercial messages are sent in accordance with the law and prevents unnecessary messages from being sent to customers. Commercial electronic messages include communication methods such as e-mails, SMS and phone calls that businesses send to customers for marketing purposes. These types of messages are used to inform customers about new products, promotions or events. Business electronic messages are an important way to increase interaction with customers and strengthen the bond between business and customer.

IYS increases customer satisfaction by preventing unwanted messages from being sent to customers. Customers decide which messages they want to receive and can easily manage them. This contributes to increasing customer satisfaction. Message Management System saves time and cost by automating the communication processes of businesses. Businesses can manage customer permissions and messaging processes more quickly and efficiently. This increases the operational efficiency of businesses.

How to Use Figensoft Message Management System?

  • 1. Account Creation and Definition: Contractual obligations regarding the service must be fulfilled. This process will be managed quickly and effectively through your relevant Account Manager. It is also necessary to have the IYS subscriptions required for account definition and you need to determine which permissions (e-mail, SMS, telephone, etc.) you will save in the IYS system.
  • 2. IYS Matching Service: IYS Matching Service can be used in two different ways. In the first method, you can upload both authorized data and rejection data to the IYS within 3 business days, together with the account you have opened. In the second method, you can automatically upload bilateral permission and rejection data to the IYS with Figensoft services using the API within 3 business days. Thanks to these methods, you can fulfill your obligations in accordance with the legislation by integrating the permissions you have received with the Message Management System (IYS).
  • 3. Data Management and Reporting: Data management and reporting is an important part of the Message Management System. You can view the permissions you have received along with their entire history through the management panel. This panel provides effective management of permissions and also helps you analyze the success of your campaigns by providing detailed reports.

What are the advantages of Figensoft's Message Management System?

Figensoft's IMS solution helps companies optimize their marketing and sales activities and establish better relationships with their customers. Some important advantages that Figensoft offers to IMS are:


Increased Productivity:

Thanks to Figensoft's IYS API, allowed and rejected data are uploaded to the IYS within 3 business days in accordance with the regulation, and the data from the IYS is automatically removed from the customer data. In this way, the need for manual data entry and updating is eliminated, saving time and effort.

Legal Compliance:

Figensoft's IMS solution complies with IMS regulations. In this way, companies minimize the risk of exposure to legal sanctions and increase customer trust.

Sectoral Integration:

Figensoft works integrated with many software companies in the sector. In this way, companies can harmonize their integration with Figensoft's sectoral knowledge and experience and work more efficiently.

Comprehensive Service:

Figensoft offers three different service types: IYS data upload, IYS data processing and IYS ​​data query. In this way, companies can choose the service that best suits their needs and make the most of the IYS.

IYS Data Upload:

Figensoft's IYS data upload service enables the collected data to be uploaded to the IYS quickly and easily. In this way, companies can instantly access and analyze their data.

IMS Data Mapping:

Figensoft's CMS data synchronization service provides mutual synchronization of data in the customer CRM through integration. In this way, companies can have up-to-date and consistent information about their customers.

IYS Data Inquiry:

Figensoft's IYS data query service serves to query and verify the approved ones in the sending list before sending commercial messages.


How to Apply for the Message Management System Regulation?

Application to the Message Management System is carried out via e-Government. First, log in to and start the application by clicking on the e-Government login button on the screen that opens. Identity verification is done by entering e-Government information. Then, the e-mail verification process is started by entering the corporate e-mail address of the Service Provider. The verification code is sent to the corporate e-mail address you specified and the e-mail account is verified by entering this code on the verification screen.

In the next step, phone verification is performed by typing the mobile phone number of the authorized person. The verification code is sent to the mobile phone and verification is completed by entering this code. Since e-Government is logged in, TR ID number information is entered automatically and cannot be changed. On this page, the query is made by entering the MERSİS number of the Service Provider and it is checked whether the TR ID number is the authorized person of the Service Provider. If you do not have a MERSİS number, support can be obtained via

During the application process, the Information Text must be read and accepted. Tax Office and Contact Number information under Commercial Information is entered manually. After the Information Text is read and accepted, the next step is taken.

The Usage Commitment is read and approved and the application can continue after accepting this commitment. Then, the trademark information registered on the Service Provider is entered. New brands can be added by pressing the Save button. If you do not have a registered trademark or you communicate with your trade name, the application can be completed by writing the trade name of the company without the need to attach documents. The brand name must be registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. The trademark registration certificate must be uploaded and documents showing the right of use between the trademark owner and the applicant service provider must be submitted.

At the final stage of the application, the accuracy of the information provided is declared and the application is completed by clicking the confirm button. It is important to keep your application number. After your application is reviewed by the relevant units, you will be informed via the specified e-mail and mobile phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for the Message Management System?

To apply for the Message Management System, you can apply by going to During the application, you must obtain the IYS code and IYS ​​Brand code and share them with Figensoft. You should select the Message Services package from the 'Package management' menu in the IYS portal, perform the Partner Authorization process on the 'Brand Management' page and select Figensoft here. You must also sign the Figensoft data mapping agreement and other required documents.

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