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Contact permission is a basic requirement for businesses to communicate effectively with their customers. Especially in the world of digital marketing, marketing activities carried out without the consent of consumers can cause serious problems. At this point, the concept of permission marketing comes into play. Figensoft Permission Marketing service offers businesses the opportunity to manage this process and strengthen customer relations. Figensoft's Permission Marketing service fully complies with permission marketing laws, which govern communicating with customers without their permission.


What is Permission Marketing?

Permission marketing refers to marketing activities carried out in line with the prior consent of consumers. This consent is usually obtained in written or electronic form, and consumers have the right to withdraw it at any time. Permission marketing allows businesses to strengthen customer relationships, deliver more personalized content to the target audience, and use their marketing budgets more efficiently.

Figensoft Permission Marketing service offers a significant advantage to businesses by ensuring compliance with the law in commercial communications. Designed in compliance with permission marketing law and regulation, this service allows businesses to obtain bulk SMS permission from their customers and effectively manage the permissions required for commercial communication. You can easily create a bulk SMS consent form through the contact management system and manage commercial communication consent processes smoothly. In this way, you can establish effective marketing communications and fully comply with legal requirements by obtaining permission from your customers.

Why Figensoft Permission Marketing?

Figensoft Permission Marketing facilitates and enables businesses to carry out their permission marketing processes safely. With sub-services such as Electronic Permission Collection, Permission Data Management, Message Management System and Right of Rejection Service, businesses can manage all their permission marketing processes in an integrated manner on a single platform. The advantages offered by Figensoft include elements such as multi-channel permission collection, multi-language support, free permission database, legally valid electronic evidence and IYS compatibility.

  • Electronic Permission Collection: Figensoft enables businesses to manage consent collection processes from their customers. This process is carried out through various digital channels such as websites and mobile applications. Customers initiate the consent process using methods such as website, mobile application, call center, QR code or short code. Permission requests and customer consents are received electronically in this way.
  • Permissioned Data Management: It is important that the authorized data that businesses collect is securely stored and managed. Figensoft offers businesses the opportunity to store your authorized data in a secure database and access it when necessary.
  • Message Management System: Figensoft offers businesses a useful message management system to manage authorized marketing messages. Through this system, businesses can plan permission marketing campaigns, set up automatic shipments, and track customer feedback.
  • Right of Rejection Service: It is important to allow customers to withdraw their consent at their request. Figensoft helps businesses easily manage customers' rejection rights. In this way, businesses can increase customer satisfaction by avoiding unauthorized marketing messages.

Figensoft Permission Marketing allows businesses to effectively manage their permission marketing processes by offering these four basic services. It is an ideal solution for businesses that want to strengthen customer relations, use their marketing budgets more efficiently and comply with legal regulations.


Learn the Advantages of Figensoft Permission Marketing Service

Figensoft Permission Marketing service offers a number of important advantages to businesses and there are various reasons why it should be preferred. Here are some of the advantages of Figensoft Permission Marketing service:


Multi-Channel Permission Collection:

Figensoft offers businesses the opportunity to collect permissions using different communication channels. Permission can be obtained from customers through various digital channels such as websites, mobile applications, automation. This provides businesses with the opportunity to reach a wide audience and diversify their marketing communications.

Multi-Language Support:

Figensoft Permission Marketing offers multi-language support. Thanks to this feature, businesses can appeal to customer segments in different languages and communicate effectively with them. This allows businesses to enter international markets more effectively.

Permitted Database:

Figensoft ensures that a person who is already on leave will not be charged again. This reduces the costs of businesses and allows them to use their budgets more efficiently.

Legally Complete and Complete Electronic Evidence:

Figensoft Permission Marketing transforms permission marketing processes into legally acceptable electronic documents. This ensures that businesses are legally secure and can provide reliable evidence in case of any legal issue.

E-Trust Timestamp on Electronic Evidence:

Figensoft ensures that electronic documents are time-stamped by E-Guven. This increases the validity and reliability of documents.

The First Permit Collection Solution in Turkey:

Figensoft offers the first permission collection solution in Turkey. This offers businesses the opportunity to work with a leading solution in the industry.

IMS Compatible:

Figensoft Permission Marketing is compatible with the Message Management System (IYS). This enables businesses to comply with legal regulations and meet IMS requirements.

What are the Channels to Obtain Communication Permission for Your Business?

Figensoft has a variety of effective channels that businesses can use to obtain communication permission from their customers. These channels allow businesses to interact with their customers, obtain permission from them, and conduct permission marketing activities.

Interactive SMS:

With his/her own request and consent, the customer can send an SMS to the allocated short service number by typing 'PERMISSION\' space\'Brand'. Legal texts are sent to the person who initiated the permit process by sending an SMS, in accordance with ETK and KVKK. After the entire approval process is completed electronically in accordance with the regulations, authorized data is transferred to the IYS.

Face to Face Communication:
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QR Code:

How Does Your Trace Work?

Figensoft's permission marketing software, IzinIzin, allows you to reach customers quickly and practically. This software can be used in store sales, websites or mobile applications. Permission can be obtained through the Registration Process, Single Optin or Double Optin methods. In the permissions obtained with the Double Optin method, a Verification code is sent via OTP SMS in the first message, while the second message provides a free exit right (Right of Refusal) in accordance with Article 7.3 of the ETK. The user continues to receive advertising messages unless he exercises his right of refusal. This method allows businesses to communicate effectively with their target audience by ensuring that marketing communications are allowed with customers' consent.

As Figensoft, We Achieved Firsts


The first Permit solution in Turkey


Being a permit collector in more than one country based in Türkiye

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