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Figensoft offers worldwide services thanks to its international offices and global business partnerships with its messaging services and payment systems.
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Leading mobile technology company of Turkey

Figensoft, one of the first mobile technology companies in Turkey, started its journey in 1997, to produce software solutions in mobile technologies and created pioneer solutions.

Figensoft started the messaging services in 2003 with its brand “Posta Güvercini” with its experience in mobile technologies In addition to being the oldest bulk SMS brand in Turkey, Posta Güvercini is the first in sending SMS within Microsoft Excel and the first bulk SMS application in App Store. Incorporating various messaging products such as Bulk SMS, MMS, E-mail, Permission Marketing, it provides worldwide services thanks to its offices in 4 countries and partnership with global GSM operators.

Messaging Services

With its competence in mobile application and innovative
approach, Figensoft developed “Payment Systems”.
Since 2019, it has been serving under the brand TIKO.
As a new generation payment system TIKO is an electronic
payment infrastructure system that provides collection solutions.

TIKO offers both corporate and consumer payment solutions with 4 different models. Tiko Wallet, Tiko Virtual Pos, Tiko Installment, and Tiko Link solutions make complex payment processes easier by providing fast and contactless methods.

Payment Systems
25 years of experience
Local offices in 4 countries
Global partnerships
15.000+ happy customers